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Micros Point-of-Sale Hardware Solutions are designed and developed with sustainability in mind. Key Information Technology Bahrain is committed to providing a variety of quality touch screen POS terminal solutions for every environment through our Micros POS systems. All hardware that Micros ships is RoHS compliant. Furthermore, several Micros hardware options are disk-less and operate without a fan, requiring less than half of the energy of typical PC based devices, cutting your power costs by 50%! Regardless of the type of business you operate, Micros has a point-of-sale hardware solution that will work for you.

Oracle Micros Workstation 6 Family

Oracle Micros Workstation 6

Employing the latest in Oracle technology, the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Series represents the newest generation of POS workstations providing the most advanced, modern, and robust point-of-sale hardware on the market. With a modern appearance and slim footprint, the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 Series has been designed to withstand harsh environments common in the hospitality industry for maximum efficiency and extended product life.

Featuring the Microsoft Windows® Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro operating system which highlights the clean, modern style of Windows 8 applications, the all-in-one design of the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 series includes a full high definition wide screen LCD with multi-touch performance. It can be mounted on its companion stand, which provides full adjustability, superior cable management and accommodation for peripherals and accessories. Alternatively, it's elegant design is ideal for wall mounting, providing a discrete, attractive appearance in any environment.

Oracle Micros mTablet eSeries

Oracle Micros mTablet eSeries 11

The newest addition to the MICROS mTablet family of mobile POS solutions, the E-Series line of tablets blends affordable hardware and extended battery life with all of the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by MICROS software. This sleek yet durable solution is available in two convenient sizes, an 8" handheld version designed with on-the-go staff in mind, and an 11" version that is both fully mobile and fully compatible with the MICROS mStation base for the added flexibility of a workstation option with full peripheral connectivity. In addition, when running Simphony™ in a Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry environment, the E-Series tablets have the option of running the revolutionary Oracle Micros Engagement Feature

Oracle Micros mTablet eSeries 8

Oracle MICROS Tablet E-Series is an ultramodern, tablet-based mobile solution that blends a rich user experience, enterprise-grade hospitality software, and lower-cost devices with extended battery life. To deliver a fluid, elegant touchscreen experience to hospitality operators, Oracle MICROS Tablet E-Series runs Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service, Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition Cloud Service, or the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry operating system (OS).

The solution offers a highly customizable experience, enabling any staff member to perform multiple activities from one device. Transform your business with new revenue models, new ways of communicating with customers, and new ways of inspiring employees.

Oracle Micros Workstation 5A Family

Oracle Micros Workstation 5A

Oracle Micros Workstation 5A (WS5A) continues Oracle Micros’s commitment to providing customers with the latest technology, while ensuring lower total cost of ownership, simpler support model and improved reliability. While outwardly identical to the older model WS5, the Oracle Micros WS5A is a complete technology refresh, offering dramatic enhancements to the processing capability and expansion and peripheral connectivity, while continuing to provide customers with dependable, easy-to-use hardware specially designed for the hospitality and retail industries.

The all new WS5A features a powerful processor running the latest Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems and a large, bright 15" touch screen display. Other impressive characteristics include standard stereo speakers, 1G networking, Micros CAL, and an advanced operating system recovery utility. The use of flash memory and passive cooling reduces the risk of costly mechanical failures, and improves system reliability and uptime. Improved I/O connectivity, a new, easy-to-use adjustable stand, and many modular options make the WS5A highly configurable and ready for use in a wide range of applications.

Oracle Micros PC Workstation 2015

Oracle Micros PC Workstation 2015

The Oracle Micros PCWS 2015 sets a new standard for performance and configurability for Point of Sale terminals. Based on the latest Intel processor platform, the Micros PCWS 2015 is unmatched in today’s marketplace, providing unsurpassed processing power for the most demanding applications, and delivering that power efficiently, with low thermal output and electrical consumption. The Micros PCWS 2015 is designed to operate side by side with the Micros Workstation 5A, retaining similar styling and compatibility with existing stands, customer displays, magnetic card readers, biometric devices and other peripherals. Like the all Micros hardware devices, the new Micros PCWS 2015 was designed to meet all requirements for hospitality and retail point of sale. To meet these requirements, the Micros PCWS 2015 is easy to install, reliable, unobtrusive, and adaptable.

Oracle Micros Keyboard Workstation 270

Oracle Micros Keyboard Workstation 270

This all new point of sale client for the Simphony Enterprise System has fully programmable keys, a bright display, spill-proof design, and rugged construction. The Micros KW270 is ideally suited for stadiums, arenas, and other areas where exposure to liquids, bright sunlight, and extreme temperatures are common, or in remote locations on movable carts or temporary stands, as it can be equipped with a rechargeable battery. The Micros KW270 is easy to install; every workstation ships pre-installed with the highly intuitive installation model, Micros CAL (Client Application Loader), making installation is as easy as plugging in a network and power cable, then following a few simple prompts on the display.

Quick service is critical in concession environments; the unobtrusive Micros KW270 has narrow dimensions and a low profile to keep counter space clear to let employees utilize more of the counter area. All cables pass through the center support of the stand, creating a clean installation and polished appearance. The workstation is greatly enhanced by its modular design and available options. The adaptable Micros KW270 has flexible mounting options, wireless connectivity, and peripheral support, transflective customer display design, a portable printer attachment, battery operation, and integrated scanner.

Oracle Micros Kitchen Display Systems

Oracle Micros Kitchen Display System

The Oracle Micros Kitchen Display System is like having a second expeditor in your kitchen. It provides highly visible, real-time information to manage and control kitchen efficiency, which drives customer satisfaction. Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area, this seamlessly integrated, intuitive, graphical software application displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders for your "Speed of Service." MICROS KDS also provides feedback about the status of each table and captures service times for management reporting.

Fully integrated with our Oracle Hospitality Products Micros Simphony and Micros RES 3700 POS Systems, KDS runs on standard PC hardware using color touchscreen monitors or color monitors and bump bar. By managing food preparation, KDS provides a higher level of management control and customer service.

Some of the key benefits is that it highlights alert orders in yellow or red to indicate an order has exceeded expected prep time. Besides this it displays each order in either List Mode or Chit Mode and monitors time to prepare. It allows user to define preparation times for both appetizers and entrees and provides intuitive icons that display Rush Order, VIP and Void status. It will also allow display features such as All Day, Order Done, and Order Recall make information readily available.

Point Of Sales Peripherals

To complete any point-of-sale implementation, Oracle Micros offers an extensive line of point-of-sale peripherals including printers, cash drawers, customer displays, barcode scanners, scales and more. All of the peripheral products we sell are selected and tested to work with our point-of-sale workstations and application software.

Oracle Micros Protégé

The Oracle Micros Protégé Customer Display System provides our customers with a graphically rich environment that ensures order accuracy and enhanced opportunities for marketing and upselling. The Protégé allows for the display of full transaction detail, including menu item, condiments and special prep instructions, allowing customers to confirm order accuracy and improving the speed of service in quick service, fast casual and other fast transaction environments. The Protégé can be configured as an advertising and marketing tool as well. The screens displayed while the system is idle or in use can be customized to provide visual content including slideshows for specials, new items, upcoming events, catering information, and more.

Server, Network Equipment and Networking Services

Key Information Technology offers servers, printers and networking equipment to support the processing and communication's infrastructure required to run our applications. We are able to cost competitively deliver a complete, highly reliable, and well-supported data processing infrastructure for customers of all sizes.

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