Oracle Hospitality Cloud Solutions

Oracle Hospitality Cloud Solutions enable centralized enterprise management with lower upfront costs and a smaller footprint. Enjoy all of the advantages of traditional POS with minimal system outages. Oracle Hospitality Cloud Service provided by Key Information Technology F&B Team offers unparalleled mobility to the hospitality industry with a breadth of solutions designed for the restaurant consumer.

With an entire array of solutions to help you manage your F&B operations starting from front of house to inventory management, gift and loyalty, forecast and budgeting, advanced reporting and analytics and business intelligence for control over all kinds for shrinkages; we help you manage everything without the huge initial investments associated with similar solutions implemented on premise.

Hosted in one of the multiple Oracle Data Centers around the work, the biggest strength we bring to the table is the Oracle Red Stack Platform on which the entire application will be running. Everything within the datacenter from the base hardware equipment, to the Operating System running the software to the database storing the data to the application managing the operations; all belong to and is developed by Oracle Corporations or one of its Seven Global Business Units making it truly an end to end solution.

Add to that the Global Support infrastructure Oracle Micros maintains in every country ensures where ever you start your operations; you always have someone to turn to as first level support for technical clarification, troubleshooting or operations training.

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Premium Cloud Service

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Premium Cloud Service is the premiere cloud and mobile hospitality management platform, providing enterprise point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionality to support a wide range of food and beverage operations. It provides all the strengths and benefits brought to the table by Oracle Hospitality Micros Simphony but without the overheads of investing and managing a dedicated Server or Web Hosting Service.

Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics Advanced Cloud Service

Improve operational visibility with Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics, an enterprise cloud solution that organizes and consolidates business critical data into easy-to-view reports and dashboards.

Oracle Hospitality Gift and Loyalty Advanced Cloud Service

Oracle Hospitality Gift and Loyalty provides powerful loyalty and rewards programs that increase visibility to guest frequency and trends. Tailor promotional offers to a targeted audience based upon sales and guest-experience data.

Oracle Hospitality Forecasting and Budget Cloud Service

Built on top of the Reporting and Analytics Module we also provide Powerful forecasting and budgeting tools to automate predictive analysis.

Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management Cloud Service

Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management is an enterprise cloud solution that helps businesses optimize their stock and simplify workflow management to maintain inventories in a cost-effective manner.

Oracle Hospitality XBRi Loss Prevention Cloud Service

Oracle Hospitality XBRi Loss Prevention Cloud Service allows you to rapidly identify and respond to loss, and enables proactive investigative and analytical strategies to address issues that affect your bottom line.

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