OPERA Vacation Ownership System

OPERA Vacation Ownership System (OVOS) offers specialized features for mixed-use properties that handle both condo units and hotel rooms hoping to build a foundation in Bahrain. Key Information Technology can help with contract-driven reservation management, automatic inventory rotation, and on-demand and scheduled financial statements.

This powerful and integrated module enables easy management of the increasingly complex vacation ownership business – a business that continues to grow in diversity, with owners given the option to join rental pools, obtain fractional ownership of a unit or simply just make use of the hotel services while staying in their own unit, and all options with a wide variety of ways to calculate that revenue sharing!

What can OPERA Vacation Ownership System offer you?
  • Management of owned units within a hotel or units-only environment
  • Management of full or fractional owner contracts, with associated revenue distribution and necessary correspondence
  • Management of rental pools, with associated revenue distribution and necessary correspondence
  • Management of fees and deductions specified by owner contracts
  • Rotation scheme that secures ‘fair share’ for all owners
  • Owner’s online access to view revenue accumulation and create own bookings
  • Easy to use OPERA Vacation Ownership Dashboard

OVOS is entirely integrated in to OPERA Property Management System and requires little effort to deploy.

The added benefit of using one system for the entire rooms operation is that it empowers the hotel employees to easily deliver the appropriate service to both owners and hotel guests, while OPERA Vacation Ownership System handles the complex revenue distribution in the background.

With Micros’s experience in Property Management Systems, OPERA Vacation Ownership is a natural extension of our core business, just like it is for your hotel operations. Understanding our customer’s operational needs is what has made us the market leader in hospitality technology, and like our other products, OVOS has been developed based on the diverse needs of our customers.

Key Features

Contract Management: Contract terms are the driving force for the system and can be configured individually for each vacation unit. Sales staff can negotiate different terms for each owner. OPERA then takes those contract rules and implements them throughout the ownership system. Each contract can specify recurring fees and per-reservation charges. The housekeeping schedule, also defined by the contract, is completely integrated with OPERA’s Facility Management and Housekeeping functionality.

Unit Rotation: For fairness in making rental unit assignments, a configurable rotation points score guides agents when choosing a rental unit for the guest. Positive, zero, or negative points can be assigned to a unit based on revenue generated, number of nights occupied, or number of stays. Points can also be assigned for owner (non-revenue) stays.

Financials: The OPERA Vacation Ownership System can be set up to automatically post recurring fees to the owner statement according to a defined schedule. Charges can also be levied based on reservations, and batch postings can be made to all or selected owners.

Web Access: The OPERA Web Suite includes an OVOS Web interface that properties may use to provide owners with access to profile and unit rental information. Authorized users may book reservations using the Web interface.

Owner Statements: Each property may configure owner statements that report unit rental activity, fees, and other charges. A 1099 report (US only) can be generated for each owner at year end.

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