myfidelio.net provides a single image of your hotel to multiple channels and increases your business through your website, travel agents and Internet portals.

Independent hotels and hotel groups have different distribution requirements and skill sets. myfidelio is a flexible central hotel reservation system with a Software as a Service model that can meet the needs of both customer groups. This service model is based on Micros OPERA Reservation Systems and allows hotels and hotel chains to obtain distribution services from one single point encompassing all distribution channels worldwide (traditional travel agencies, online travel agencies, hotel website). In addition, myfidelio.net provides full hosting, 24/7 technical support and multilingual customer services providing data configuration, quality management and consultancy.

myfidelio.net comes with complete interfaces to all Micros solutions available for hotels at property level. Maintenance of rates, inventory and restrictions are easily done from the Property Management System, updating all the channels linked.

Key Features:

  • Hotel bookable 24/7 in all channels
  • Hosting, all hardware and interfaces provided by Micros Data Center with redundant environments
  • Private label GDS services for hotel groups available
  • Customer Services: switches, data configuration, rate loading, quality management, consultancy, sharing best practices to increase revenue, training, electronic manuals
  • Wide network of support offices in the US and several countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific
  • Interfaces with Property Management System: reservation and profiles download, rate / inventory / availability / restrictions upload
  • Comprehensive business reporting: production by hotel and booking source, by agent, by company, operative reports such as arrivals, guarantees, active rates and many more.
  • IATA records refreshed twice a month
  • Central commission payment services provided by our preferred partner WPS Network.
  • Image management in all GDS and online travel agencies with our preferred partner VFM Leonardo.

Distribution Channels

Seamless availability and booking requests from Internet booking engines, direct connections to online travel agencies and connection to Global Distribution Systems powering over 500,000 travel agency screens worldwide.

Full channel management – control which rates and inventory should be available on which channel. Rate parity, last minute availability.

webHotel: Pre-customized or fully customizable booking front-end for the hotel website - flexibility, scalability, all based on proven OPERA logic and web services schemas.

  • Availability requests for individual properties, hotel chains, a city
  • Availability for public rates, negotiated rates, group rates and promotional rates
  • Secured login for loyalty programs and corporate
  • Images, availability calendar with best available rates
  • Create, modify, cancel reservations
  • Create, modify guest profile including preferences, comments etc.
  • Multilingual

Direct interfaces with online travel agencies

Expedia, Booking.com, Hotelzon, and more, control of top performing channels, cost efficient interface through direct interaction with portal databases and customer demand.

Interaction with global travel agency community

Connectivity with ‘Global Distribution Systems’ (GDS): state-of-the-art next generation seamless interface to power all four Global Distribution Systems (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan), allowing travel agencies worldwide to access real-time hotel inventory and prices also showing total prices including local taxes, indirect access to a multitude of alternive distribution systems/online portals.

Key Benefits:

  • New, additional hotel revenues through seamless connection with distribution channels worldwide
  • Hotel assumes control over all the distribution channels from one single point: unique channel management and rate parity screens
  • Increases efficiency - Hotel saves time and money associated with data maintenance through the full integration of myfidelio and the channels with the hotel’s Property Management System
  • Local support in the country where the hotel is based, in the hotel’s language
  • Costs vary according to size and reservation volume of hotel, transparent, no hidden costs
  • Fully PCI-DSS compliant
  • Fully OTA compliant
  • Micros is the most experienced provider of distribution services and technology in the hotel sector and a member of several trade associations such as Hotel Technology Next Generation and HEDNA


webHotel is fully customizable website design and management solution that offers the most technologically advanced and easiest to implement feature set specifically for hotels and chains.

The webHotel platform features three key components, which create a truly integrated hotel website transaction solution with smart merchandising. A Content Management System allows for customizable website design and flexibility. The Experience Manager delivers personalized content to the guest to enhance the user experience and increase bookings. An Integrated Booking Engine drives more revenue

webHotel provides a complete set of easy-to-use Web-design templates and full customization options.

Experience Manager equips you with the tools and information to optimize your hotel website’s performance. From the keywords that the guest types into a search engine, to the course of actions taken in navigating your website, Experience Manager allows you to deliver targeted, personalized promotions to online travelers around the world, helping to convert more lookers to bookers.

A booking engine is integrated into this system, powered by OPERA. Content management and workflow features are also built in to webHotel. You have the option of linking your hotel website to travel-related social media. Support for multiple languages is provided. Website activity reporting and analysis tools are also incorporated.

webHotel is available as a service hosted from any of the Micros Data Centers. webHotel accesses your OPERA or myfidelio.net database via OPERA Web Services and provides security, system monitoring, disaster recovery, application monitoring and PCI Compliance. webHotel provides options for hotels, chains and industry affiliations of any size, ensuring the ideal fit for your needs


The Global Travel business has undergone a dramatic evolution through the growth of the Internet as communication and distribution platform. One factor that cannot be ignored is the increasing amount of reservations produced through third-party web portals, also called ADS (i.e., Alternative Distribution Systems).

Micros Channel Manager provides hotel distribution to the most competitive third-party websites. It gives your property a tool to manage your content in an easy, centralized way – as a single platform that distributes your hotel’s best rate to all of the leading Web portals. Micros Channel Manager can certainly be used as an Extranet system. However, we strongly recommend integrating into your OPERA Property Management System, via myfidelio.net, to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Navigate the friendly user interface, built with the newest technology. Reduce time and manual labor needed to update content and reservations.View current inventory allocation and rates at multiple portals. Set and maintain restrictions for all rates and channels in an easy way. When a room is booked through one channel, available inventory in all other channels is automatically updated, reducing the risk of overbooking.

Micros offers you the required scalability to accommodate all of your distribution needs, as your business grows. In addition to the Internet portals, you can connect to all 4 travel agency reservation systems (GDS) and add a booking solution to your website via myfidelio.net.

Micros Channel Manager is provided as a service hosted by our partner SmartHOTEL. It can be used as an Extranet solution or in connection with myfidelio.net

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