Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering (S&C) offers full-featured catering sales management software for conference centers and event management operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, that can be deployed either on a stand-alone system or integrated with our hotel management solutions.

With superior customer relationship management, enhanced event management and sales force automation, OPERA S&C alleviates the sometimes tedious sales and catering management requirements from your staff, allowing them to focus on guests. Powerful analytics, reporting tools and real-time booking engines provide you with a comprehensive account of all business operations. Flexible options with international capabilities allow you to customize the S&C module to truly fit the individual needs of your hotel.

It is aimed at the full-service banquet provider. As an OPERA Property Management System customer of Key Information Technology Bahrain, OPERA Sales & Catering Full Service is available to you by simply activating an additional license code.

This flexible and integrated module is designed to handle any item a full-service banquet operation may require. Using intuitive and graphical screens, it is easy to learn and allows for fast and efficient execution of complex banquet bookings.

Beyond providing advanced banquet management tools, Oracle Hospitality OPERA S&C Premium also delivers powerful sales management facility. Tools that will be available to your sales team will include the following benefits

What can OPERA Sales & Catering Full Service offer you?

  • Flexible booking options for multiple conference rooms and multiple events
  • Fully customizable catering packages, instant menu creation and resource inventory control
  • Financial tracking of both expected event revenue, margins and final consumption based on customizable revenue types
  • ‘Group Rooms Control’ provides detailed group forecast information in one screen
  • Advanced ‘Banquet Event Order’ for internal hotel communications and planning
  • Integrated data extraction with Word Merge functionality for fully customizable offers
  • Advanced reporting options, such as Catering Pace, Pick Up, Forecast, Daily Menu Cost and more

Activity Management allows for tracking of e-mails, correspondence, contracts, appointments and more.
Outlook or Groupwise interface for synchronisation of contacts and activities.
Advanced data extraction possibilities for all Profiles types, with integrated Word Merge direct mailing options.
Campaign Management for coordination of entire campaigns within OPERA. Automatically creates sales activities and tracks resulting business.
‘Sales Rep Dashboard’ gives an immediate overview of a sales manager’s current activities

Oracle Hospitality OPERA S&C Premium benefits from over 25 years of experience in designing software for the banqueting business. As with all our products, it has evolved based on the needs of our customers. Scalable to handle any type of banqueting activities from small operations to large conference centers, OPERA S&C Premium is the sound platform for a successful banquet and sales operation.

Prepare yourself for the new breed of sales force automation and event management intelligence with OPERA Sales and Catering (S&C). OPERA S&C is a full-featured catering sales management software that allows your employees to spend less time at a computer and more time with guests. Resources can be shared with the OPERA Property Management System (PMS) and OPERA Reservation System (ORS) to streamline operations and maximize revenue. You can access the relevant data you need about your customers to develop effective sales strategies with easy data sharing between the hotel sales office and PMS or regional offices and hotels. All users share identical customer account information, availability, and controls throughout the enterprise. OPERA S&C is equipped with decision support tools that look at a company’s activity enterprise-wide or at one hotel, allowing you to build sales strategies based on the aggregate behavior.

Key features of OPERA S&C Software provide comprehensive tools for sales and catering management.

  • Business blocks are the central sales management software records for all types of group bookings including catering events and tour series
  • Account, contact, and activity management support Sales efforts by collecting profile information to speed bookings and data analysis
  • Potential feature allows Sales Personnel to build detailed budgets for each account
  • Microsoft Outlook and email integration provides the means to share contacts and activities; users can access email features without leaving OPERA
  • Account and Sales Rep Dashboards, including drill down pieces are a single-point access to key information
  • Catering and events feature a complete set of tools for providing catering services and scheduling events
  • Banquet posting allows event charges to be sent from S&C directly to the PMS billing module
  • Function Diary is a graphical display of events by function, offering multiple viewing options and drill down features for in-depth details
  • Campaign management provides the tools to launch and monitor sales campaigns
  • Interfaces to many popular third-party systems including electronic reader boards, yield management tools, meeting space layout applications, and fax/email communications systems
  • Reports and data queries offer more than 50 reports

Superior Customer Relationship Management provided through a comprehensive sales manager dashboard for all guest and internal information. With flexible, easy to use screens and management tools you can assure you meet your operational requirements. OPERA S&C offers automated time management features including traces and graphical views of appointments and tasks for the sales team. You can also benefit from synchronization with Microsoft® Outlook for when your sales team is on the go.

Enhance Event Management with multiple function space configurations to suite all you room needs and specifications. OPERA S&C offers an easy way to create, copy, move and organize events for an intuitive event management experience. You can book and post your events all from OPERA S&C and with simple menu and item engineering you’ll be the most efficient event manager in the market.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) sends leads from your regional/national/global offices seamlessly to the hotel. With OPERA Sales Force Automation you can manage all revenue leads without any additional data entry so all materialized revenue from the hotel will be automatically uploaded to the corporate office. With an automated system you can completely eliminate paper work and emails between corporate offices and the hotel. SFA also provides functionality for central and local reporting, campaign management, and contract management tools.

The new OPERA S&C Analytics provides you with flexible, ad-hoc, business intelligence reporting capabilities to help you quickly gain insight into your sales and catering market by delivering meaningful information at the time it is needed. Based on intuitive analysis of reports, hotel managers can easily identify trends, make comparisons, focus on areas that require attention, and plan for the future.

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