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Key Information Technology Bahrain is the leading point of sales software and hardware supplier in the Kingdom. KIT Bahrain’s wide range of products provides comprehensive restaurant and food service outlet point-of-sale (POS), enterprise and consumer faced solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single restaurant or hundreds. So what brought about the POS and other technology revolution in the Restaurant and Retail Industry?

When businesses operated earlier, they had to record every transaction that took place in a book and maintain the records for further analysis later. This was a very time consuming task which needed man power too. But with the advancement in technology, these days there are point of sale or POS systems which do all the work for us. Let us have a look at the benefits of using a POS system.

A POS system provides a detailed sales report for the business which can be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Using these reports, you can make out which are the hot selling products and which are not. That way, you can stock more of the popular items and also market them even better. You can also find out ways in which you can popularise the low selling items or also whether to delete that from the inventory.

Point of sale system helps to provide excellent customer service. The speed of transactions quickens, the price of the item is scanned electronically so that there are no discrepancies. Customers are also provided with the option of paying by credit or debit or gift cards.

POS helps to know which items are selling and thereby which are falling short in the stock. The POS system has also a flash message which shows such items. It is also possible to know which items are selling when and advertise the items even more during that time. There is no need of any paperwork, inventory management, book keeping, or managing advertisements, loyalty and discount programs etc.

You can also find out how effective gift cards, loyalty programs and coupons have been in taking your business ahead. POS software is easy to learn, install and maintain. The POS seller will train you in the use of the software. It is also easy to track customer information, staff payroll, billing and shipping details, vendor listings etc.

Another helpful product is the poster holder. These come in acrylic and PVC and help in keeping the posters clean. The size ranges from A7 to Al. These can be fixed using suspensions, slatwall, binding, wall and keyhole mounting. The PVC ones are flexible and durable.

Then there are the leaflet dispensers. Outdoor and indoor ones are available. With dispensers, there is no need of manpower to do the distribution. The dispenser allows people to take only one leaflet at a time so there is no wastage. They also do not cause littering and are great if you want to market your business effectively to a large number of people. The leaflet dispensers are also available in acrylic and PVC. These can accommodate different paper sizes.

Menu holders are also available which display the menu so that the menu sheet does not get spoiled or bent. This is available in clear acrylic. There are many different shapes available for different types of menu designs.

Then there are the A boards which are used to display the name of the product on shelves. This is also available in PVC.

Edited and developed over an article by Mark Hendry for Articlebiz

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