Bahrain Hotels: Different Hotel Deals For Different Tastes

There was a time in Bahrain when the hotel industry had been beaten up pretty badly as a result of the economic and political turmoil in Bahrain. Business and personal travel had been cut back by almost everyone and that directly affected the earnings of hotels of all types. However, this industry is not going anywhere and as expected, bounced back as the economy improved. This is a great time to look for substantial hotel deals at all price levels.

When you're on vacation or traveling for business, you have a wide variety of lodgings available to you in Bahrain. There are very real differences between different types of hotels, apartments and other accommodations, but exactly what these differences are isn't clear to everyone. KIT Bahrain is the leading provider of Hospitality Industry software in the kingdom with all the major lodging establishments running on our platform. We thought it is only fair for us to provide a quick run though of the type of lodgings you have find around the country.

Short Stay Apartments or Luxury Apartments as they are referred to in Bahrain, are usually the least costly option. Short Stay Apartments are a more appropriate naming convention since Luxury is not a Guaranty and each property has to be considered on a case by case basis. These establishments became popular for their low prices, convenient placement at key location like Exhibition Road, Juffair etc and inexpensive dining options. Some may also have swimming pools or workout area.

They are comparable to the internationally recognized category of ‘limited service hotels’, which often have pools and occasionally fitness centers and meeting rooms available. Some even offer a complimentary breakfast, making them an economically sound choice for travelers on a budget. Often they prove to be more economical for larger families because of the availability of two and three bedroom apartments that will help to reduce the Cost per Head. There are local chains of these types of lodgings as well as independently owned and operated ones.

A full service hotel, by contrast, offers all of the features of a limited service establishment and more. Pools and gyms are almost always present, as well as meeting rooms and sometimes gift shops as well. You'll also generally find restaurants and/or bars connected to these hotels; and these establishments normally have a concierge ready to help guests with dinner plans and other details during their stay.

Culturally, the trend for bed and breakfast style operations is very limited in Bahrain and finding them will not be that easy. They are a little more intimate than apartments or hotels; most such lodgings are in a private home whose owners enjoy offering their hospitality to their guests. These tend to be more comfortable accommodations with private bedrooms and a morning meal (either breakfast or brunch) served to guests. They're quite a bit smaller than even the smallest of hotels, usually having only a few rooms for guests.

Resort hotels are another choice which are popular with tourists. A resort hotel generally provides everything a full service hotel does along with ballrooms for conventions and other events, as well as restaurants, lounges and shops. These hotels often provide activities for families, especially if they are located beachside. There are usually staff who can help guests line up other activities in the area on duty too. Hotel deals are a little easier to find for these hotels online - and there are often discounted prices available as part of travel deals which include the hotel and airfare.

For people who demand the very best, whether or not there are hotel deals available on these accommodations, then luxury hotels may be the best choice. They are mostly resorts and some full service hotels that offer much higher quality of service and amenities and they are not exactly cheap even if you find travel deals which include stays in these luxurious establishments, with rooms costing as much as BD.2,000 for a night in some cases.

Key locations in Bahrain for Hotels and Apartments are concentrated at Juffair, Seef and Exhibition Road but some properties promote that fact they are not cramped up in such places providing easier accessibility and reduced hustle and bustle associated with these areas during the weekends.

Edited and developed over an article by Michael Key for Articlebiz

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